Invested in your investment

Project development is a complex and multifaceted process. To ensure the ultimate success of every project, the Fallstaff Group’s management team – and developer and CEO Elliott Sharaby personally – remains constantly on-site and in touch throughout the entire rehabilitation and remodeling of every project.


Tailored approach

Every project is unique, and the Fallstaff Group’s approach is customized accordingly. We identify the specific areas in need of attention to pinpoint the necessary renovations and updates that will please our clients and investors. We then design and execute the desired appearance expeditiously in compliance with the project’s specific parameters and budget.


Unsurpassed quality

The Fallstaff Group will never settle for subpar results; every project features the highest-quality materials and workmanship in every phase of construction and remodeling. Our commitment to quality has earned recognition and distinction as many of our properties have been listed on the National Register of Historic Landmarks; we have repeatedly created award-winning properties and steadily increased the value of our real estate and neighboring areas.


Superior Services


It’s the most critical component of development, and the Fallstaff Group directs the process with targeted, multimedia strategies and carefully cultivated sales teams.


Every aspect of real estate management and maintenance – from the mundane and everyday to the unusual and unexpected – is supervised and flawlessly handled by our management professionals.


With over twenty years of expertise, excellent relationships, and lucrative returns, the Fallstaff Group offers our clients confidence and quality customized to every project.