Just south of Prince Georges County is the flourishing and ever expanding district and locale of Waldorf, Maryland. Due to demographic changes occurring in Prince Georges County many young urban professionals have chosen this adjacent neighborhood south of PG County as their distinct choice for life, play and work

As you approach the town of Waldorf you are immediately enthralled by the lush greenery and beautiful scenery. You then begin to notice the thousands of mini mansions that have sprung up all over the area as the young wealthy contingent of Maryland has made this their home of choice. To match the ever expanding needs of the population, millions of square feet of retail space was created which stretches for many miles. The area in general is considered upper middle class to wealthy.

Sitting at the epicenter of the Waldorf development is St. Charles which boasts the beautiful Lake of St. Charles. The Lake is surrounded by the promenade, our Fleet Gold Certified building, the million square foot Simon Mall, hotels and residential areas. It provides many amenities and is close to all conveniences as well.

The Waldorf office market is burgeoning with little vacancy and excellent rental and leasing rates.


St. Charles, Maryland